How to make your child’s day?

Make them a mermaid tale or any other sort of costume piece of a character they like. I am sorry I don’t have a how-to on these as I just sort of made it up but I will give you one tip that may help if you decide to make them. I used a wire coat hanger in the fin part to give it some body. I folded down the top hook part of the hanger so it wouldn’t hurt my kids feet, too. Shhh…. it is our little secret! My kids have been having a blast with these. dsc_8209 dsc_8221 dsc_8225




Keeping Marriage Strong

What keeps your marriage strong?

Date Night!!!

This may sound silly but you have to be relentless about it to make it happen sometimes because sometimes life gets tough and life gets busy.  You can’t afford to let your marriage sit on the back burner.  We do game nights with friends and date nights pretty religiously. It is has kept us strong and our relationship developing through the years. We’ve been married almost 13 years so I have at least a tinsy bit of experience.

It doesn’t have to cost money. Sometimes the very best and memorable dates didn’t cost a thing. Like this fun evening we had last Friday, a Murder Mystery Night complete with costumes, music, and a fun Murder Game- Deception in Hong Kong.

If it is expensive to get babysitters, do trades with friends or invite friends over to your house so your kids can be sleeping in their beds. Honestly paying a babysitter is so worth it to get out of the house! Just do it. 🙂






Yes, order to replace chaos!


The “S” tags stand for “Saturday Chores”. The kids wear these on their shirt as we go around doing the chores together so they will remember their job.dsc_8134

Piano Practice Chart and lovely organization of all cupboard materials. Mmmm… I love order.


Organizing Music Books

Nothing spells beauty quite like ORDER and CLEANLINESS! This space originally had no middle shelf and had a pull out slider on the bottom of the cabinet where an old box TV could go. I took that out since we keep our TV in the playroom downstairs and it is honestly too small of a space for the TVs people use now.

Next, I made a middle shelf from an extra shelf in the lower cabinet that was not being used and secured it in place.  And lastly, I bought these IKEA magazine organizers to be nice aesthetic dividers. I have only done the piano books on the bottom shelf but I plan to organize the rest of the music books on the top shelf. Yay! Every bit of progress is progress!!!
dsc_7910 dsc_7913 dsc_7914



Every once in a while your kids ask you to do things that you don’t really want to do, but you do it anyway because you love them and you know it means a lot to them. Here is one of those moments. We made Lip Balm! My oldest daughter got this as a birthday present and has been dying to try it out. All the girls got to participate at least by sitting and watching close by.

Yay! I get brownie points for an EQTM, an “Extra Quality Time Moment.” How is your day going? Are you making time for that “Quality Time Moment” that matter so much? Or even an Extra Quality Time Moment? You can do it! It only takes a couple minutes and a good book or really looking them in the eyes and asking about them. It’s hard sometimes, trust me I know, but it is the simple things honestly that are the most meaningful.













Dance Recital Wraps

Last weekend my older two girls performed in a dance recital. On the rehearsal night they noticed that many of the girls had a robe they would wear over their dance costume during the down time and begged that I get one for them as well.  Since this was only two days from the actual recital and it might be a lot of extra work driving to different stores looking for something that would work, I thought what they heck, I can just make that!

I used two of my shirts that I had in a bag “to donate” because they weren’t working for me anymore. Perfect. Then, I had the girls try them on and accessed what I would need to change and thought about how I wanted them to look. With that in mind, I got to work cutting and sewing. No need for an extra trip to the store with four energetic kiddos and as an added bonus it was 100% free!!! Problem solved and budget not touched. Woohoo!