Making Changes

With the new year I always get a little antsy to make some visual changes in my surroundings. I think it is representative of my desire to start fresh with the new year-in an effort to become a little better and start anew. This time around my fresh start is the color lime green!

For the longest time, I have just been using this room as a piano/music room. I decided to move the piano into the living room and set up the dining room as such. I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier. I had it the other way for 5 years and it looks so much better now.



Here is a simple decorating idea. Using mason jars as vases and containers for miscellaneous objects is a new trend I’ve come upon. I have quite a few from canning jam this summer so I used those, cut up some greenery we had, and tied on some yarn.

Here is the piano tucked away in the living room. Also moving the furniture away from the large floor to ceiling front windows allows them to be seen more. They are a real feature in the home, might as well let them shine-literally.

With all these changes I spent less than ten dollars! I just moved things around from different rooms in my house and bought a couple items on clearance and the thrift store!  The green vase is a real antique called carnival glass my mom gave to me a couple years ago.  I haven’t been able to use it until now.  It was also helpful to just clear out a lot of the stuff I had grown accustom to. Now everything is in a different spot or replaced with something new.

Here is looking forward to a great 2012!


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