I decided recently my dishes and serving pieces needed a little makeover. So out with the old and in with some really cute and yet, practical pieces. There are only a few featured below. It has added a little extra sparkle to our family meals and I am only sorry I didn’t do this earlier. I guess I was so used to our old stuff, I didn’t think twice that about it. I was actually inspired to do this by watching the popular TV series Downton Abbey and seeing how their mealtime is such a focus each day and art form.

For us, it is also special time of the day even if we aren’t eating anything near as fancy, having cuter dishes and putting even just a second or two of thought into the aesthetic of the table setting makes me happy. Since this is such a special time each day, might as well jazz it up to enjoy it even more!

I even bought a really cute new ruffly apron to wear when I am preparing these special family meals. All these little things make a difference. Try it, you don’t have to spend much. Just get a few pieces that you love and start using them each day. Don’t you dare try to save it for a “special occasion.” Everyday is a special occasion, start acting like it. 🙂

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