Keeping it Together

Now that I’ve had my baby and am trying to figure out a plan to one keep sane, two take care of everyone including my spouse, and three do some things for myself, I am afraid my extra curricular projects have slowed down. Hopefully this phase is temporary because I really love enjoying a full life of learning new skills and developing talents rather than being on mommy duty 24-7. It is both exhausting and to be honest not fulfilling. So, I am hanging in there.

Here is a small project I did this week. I researched all the free/ low cost indoor play facilities in the area, pasted the info for each place on a note card and organized them into a little wallet-sized coupon folder by day they are available. I will keep this in the glove compartment of my car so that when I need to get out of the house with my kids because they are driving me crazy, I won’t have to spend time finding out what is available, all the info will be ready for me in this little folder in the car. Beautiful.

I also put together a mommy survival bag for the car that the author of Happy Housewife recommended that will help a mom keep things together in a emergency situation.  You can never be too prepared as a mom, might as well set yourself up for smooth running wherever possible.

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