“All grain is ordained for the use of man…”

In my church we believe in a decree of wisdom in health or a “The Word of Wisdom,” was revealed by the Lord to his prophet back in 1822. It is still every much correct and up-to-date for God has all wisdom and knowledge beyond the present beliefs of mankind. It was actually very ahead of its time.

Within it, it reads that “all grain is ordained for the use of man.” Why as a society have we stuck to one variety of grain for the past several decades? I don’t think we realized what great varieties were even available nor always had the means to get them. Amazingly we have come a long ways in the past ten years and the shelves at the grocery store are brimming with unique varieties of grains… all of which can be found in the gluten-free section.

I personally do not have to worry about a gluten intolerance nor do any of my kids or spouse but I have sought out this opportunity to sustain these scriptures which I believe to be true.

This past week I decided to really buckle down on this goal and experiment with some recipes. Although I haven’t made a ton of recipes, one that I made and loved were these incredible Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies from Gluten-Free Goddess. They were amazing. I made them for the girls I teach at church for our bi-monthly activity and they loved them too! I even used only 1/2 the butter called for and substituted white bean puree to cut out fat and add protein. If you are interested in this, please comment and I will write a post about it. It is absolutely amazing!!! I love substituting pureed beans into baking recipes. The cookies were delicious and I plan on making more wholesome breads now and other things I typically use normal flour for.

The trick to beginning your journey in this is to know where to find the flours in your community at a reasonable rate and to buy them all up front.  Most of the recipes I’ve found online require several different flours and of course the solidifying agent the Xanthum Gum or Guam Gum.  My friend who is gluten-intolerant buys them online for less in bulk.  I didn’t want to do that because I wanted to make sure I could use them comfortably first.  Another friend of mine told me the best place she’d found them for less is at our nearby Asian market.  Look around and don’t be afraid to ask friends.  Good luck!

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