Treasure Hunting

My friend here has introduced me to the art of shopping garage sales. She told me with great delight, “that it gets her blood a pumping.” Hee,hee- it is funny and true. Complete with tips on mainly shopping on Saturday where people are usually ready to get rid of everything and offer 50% off the garage sale prices, have a couple things in mind of what you are looking for, avoid paying full price for things at stores by holding off until the weekend for garage sales, realizing you have to hit several garage sales before you find that one awesome one, and last the you can’t just drive by to access if it is a garage sale-you have to get out of the car and take a closer look. These really have been some helpful tips. The best is when you go to a neighborhood sale or where there are several so it is easier to look from one to another. I had a blast a few weeks back finding lots of great items and kid toys. They enjoyed it, too- especially playing with the toys and the cookie/lemonade stands.

Basically I got all these items for a $1 or less each!!!! Whoa!

These, too!

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