Knowing your Food Sources!

Healthy Eating Tips:

Tis the season of finding it nearly impossible to eat healthy. But it’s the little decisions every day that can help you make better eating habits.

Very first of all, know what source your foods are coming from.


  • Apple-Carbohydrate
  • Bread- Carbohydrate
  • Popcorn-Carbohydrate


  • Chicken-Protein
  • Cottage Cheese-Protein
  • Eggs-Protein


  • Almonds-Fat
  • Peanut Butter-Fat
  • Avocado-Fat

Know foods that mix:

  • Milk-Carbohydrate and Protein
  • Fish-Fat and Protein
  • Beans-Carbohydrate and Protein

Know how to decipher the food label:


Breakdown of Food Label and Macronutrients:


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