I Love Pilates

Can I just say I love Pilates! In pursuing my BA in Dance we were required to participate in the newly opened BYU Pilates Facility. I liked it and could see some benefit but I didn’t fully comprehend the use of it at the time so I discontinued it after college.

This last year, I have rediscovered it again from a friends recommendation! For several years now I have loved to do workout videos in the comfort of my own home and especially after becoming a Mom to save time and have a more practical approach towards exercizing. Now I am enjoying doing these Pilates DVDs! There are also many quality Pilates workouts on YouTube. A lot of the success of it has to do with having a good instructor as it was a turn off for me for several years when I rented dud Pilates DVDs from the library eventually steering me clear of it. I prefer something that is faster paced and definitely must get my heart pumping.

One of my go-to favorite instructors lately is Kristen McGee! If you have a moment let me know of yours! You don’t have to have any dance background to do this although a little flexibility is helpful -just start where you are and you may be pleasantly surprised. One of the main things I love about Pilates is that it focuses on muscle tone with correct body alignment which sets you up for long term success. Also, using the resistance of your own body allows you to tone “what you got” while REQUIRING you to utilize your core strength. I love it!

Try it. There is a saying that is often coupled with pilates… love your body in 10 days, transform it in 30. That sounds a little too good to be true in my book but honestly it is pretty darn good if you are consistent and give it some real effort.

P.S. One more tip that I wished I would have realized earlier. It is not just about going through the motions but really trying to do them with fluidity… it takes a lot of strength. 🙂




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