Meal Planning 101


Okay, so I have this habit that I am happy about and hope to continue all my days… it is meal planning and eating dinner together as a family. I have heard of some people planning out their entire month which to me sounds not fun at all but to do it once a week I am perfectly happy with. Everyone is different, I am just saying for me once a week has been SUPER HELPFUL. I decided to set this into practice from a blog I read a couple years back that gave me some encouragement and from my mother-n-law who recommended it as well. Thanks you!

All I do is jot down my meal plan for the week and alongside it I make a grocery list for the ingredients. I only plan dinners. Breakfast and snacks are sort just what we feel like or often lunch is a no-brainer because it is what we had yesterday for dinner. This gives me a specific list to go to the store with and helps me limit my grocery shopping excursions which is helpful on many fronts. I try to go only once a week which every other week, I go to 2 grocery stores to get more variety of things. I love not spending much time in grocery stores!!! I make a list, get what I need with a few extras, and then leave.

To make it easier on myself and more do-able I make sure to only have one or sometimes rarely two new recipes I want to try for the week and plan for those on days I am not as scheduled so that by the time dinner comes around I won’t be too exhausted to yes- read a recipe. Once a week or maybe twice is plenty- all the other nights we go to tried and true meals. I like to be healthy and eat well as a family but I also know I have many other competing interests for time. This streamlines the whole preparing dinner process and is awesome!!! Having dinner as a family every night is a top goal of mine. I have heard from many sources that meal time is a critical part of family bonding and helping children develop a healthy eating habits. I believe it, so mealtime structure it is!

Here is my mealtime menu planner sheet as a little gift to help you get going. You can do it. After 21 days of doing, it becomes a habit. I challenge you to set your family mealtime as top priority, too whether it is just two of you or a little crew. You are awesome and your family needs you and all your efforts.
🙂 Marilyn

MEAL PLANNING clipart-scissorsclipart-scissor---clipart-best-4w7doaz1Cut down the middle for 2 per page. Print out at least 3 months worth to get you started. I put mine on a magnetic clip board to stick on my fridge.

Good Luck!!!!!!

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