Purse Peace

PursepeaceAlthough a lot of us may downplay this subject, controlling finances are a HUGE part of success in family life! Stop, don’t click to exit with thinking oh, please I don’t have that problem.  Just give me at least 3 paragraphs! Finances are a huge part of family peace.

There is a saying that wants can always grow to match any income no matter how much one has. Wow- hard to swallow but true! Understanding this, we can see that always making more money is not the answer to peace because the wants will just keep growing.  There has to be a checkpoint from within…

Most of America deals with this problem according to the The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy an incredibly successful New York Times Best Seller.  It concludes that almost 90% of Americans live on exactly what they earn whether a great or small income. This is not a good thing.  The financially set ones are different and it is not necessarily because they have more income.  They’ve simply learned to set a budget for their essentials and then scrutinize the rest- allowing the magic of building up a nest egg to happen. With financial self discipline in place, they develop the financial savvy to know whether something rallying for their purchase is really worth it or to or not.

How do you start? I will agree that it is easier said than done.  But, truly it can be as simple as  setting a budget.  Being positive about the budget and thinking creatively to stay within it – make it a game even! Also, it may require a little lifestyle change from constantly browsing stores, catalogs, and being with friends who are always talking about shopping.  Yeah, I am sorry this not the easiest thing to blog about but I continue… Last, use that time that you used shopping or dreaming of what you want to purchase next to develop a talent or skill for yourself.  This sounds sort of cheesy but I promise it is a good thing.

Human nature naturally pushes us to want more, more, and more and be getting better.  Why not set that natural tendency within us to want more towards developing ourselves and not depleting your wallet.  Stuff is great, I love cute stuff-don’t get me wrong, but can it ever compete with improving who you are? Or think of it this way, if you feel your worth comes from having the best stuff what happens when you meet someone who has more and better stuff than you? How will your ego cope? When instead you believe in yourself as a unique and gifted being who has a contribution to give to the world -independent of the stuff you have -no one’s presence can demean yours. It just isn’t a competition.  I can expand upon this more in another blog post. But, for now…

I promise, promise, promise curbing your wants, living in a budget, and having purse peace is WORTH it!  If not for anything else but the peace and security you will feel for your family knowing that you can handle the financial surprises that come everyone’s way.  Get inspired and take action. Life is about change-you can do it!!! 🙂

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