Checking In and Stepping Up

Okay, so I haven’t been doing as many projects lately because my husband is getting closer to finishing his Residency and it is taking a lot of time and consideration to weigh out our next steps. He wraps up this last year of residency by the end of June.  We’ve been focusing on where we should raise our family, start this career, and have been pursuing job interviews. Thus, I haven’t been in the crafting mode/thrifty mood.  I think it is also partly because of my secret desire to just buy everything in the future without a second thought and not worry about ever being thrifty again.  Okay, I know it is ridiculous but don’t we all have this sometimes? It is too much work and there are so many other things to spend time on in life, right?

But, sigh, I am going to step past this reactional desire and step it up again to the wisdom of controlling this appetite.  Why, you ask? Well, how long can one just go about following his wants and appetites before it puts him in a crunch? Although it feels freeing at first, it actually can become a handicap as one’s growing expenditures start to feel like needs and balance is lost. I am not sure how to explain it. I just know I don’t want to go there.  A scripture that comes to mind is to “Bridle all your passions, lest they bridle you.” This can be applied in many different aspects of our lives but applies well here. So, I am going to keep checking myself regardless of income level and esteemed prestige (we are all guilty of this sometimes), and seek peace in an honest and temperate living. This is not to say, I will not enjoy life and step it up where possible ;), but that I sincerely aspire  to use prudence in all things.  Thanks for reading along.

Yours truly~




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