Making Plans Amidst Unknowns

Perhaps this is a strange title but this is exactly what I want to discuss with you this week. This is ground breaking- just let me explain! Okay, so I figured out that even when you get into a pinch in life you can always have a plan. Instead of having the typical straight-forward plan you may feel most comfortable with that has zero hitches, you just need a Optional A, B, and C plan.

For instance, my husband is finishing his residency this year and we are in the process of figuring out where we want to go next. This involves lots of interviews, research, and prayer to know what is the best place for our family at this time and what we should do. Meanwhile, this can be a little stressful not knowing where we will be living in 6 months! We have an idea but things could change as we go through with more interviews and weigh the options.

So, instead of living in this state of not-knowing and trying to ignore my feelings of anxiousness and urgency to get it figured out, I have found a peaceful alternative- an A, B, and C plan.

Option A: We move across the country in 6 months. With this I have written up a detailed plan of what we’d need to do to prepare and make the transition smooth. Also, what things may be sort of fun about it and what benefits it would bring.

Option B: We take a position here. Then I have laid out things that I would want to do to for this and a basic timeline for what would need to happen and things I’d want to accomplish within the time frame.

Option C: We don’t come to a conclusion by January and are still in limbo for a couple more months. Then I would work on the things that are on both the A and B list that I will need to do to prepare like downsizing and organizing for an eventual change and my more education-based goals. Then once we know, I will default to plan A or plan B whichever route we end up going for.

Once I wrote out this plan, can I just be honest and tell you I felt a heavy load come off of my shoulders. We may not know where we are going yet or if we are staying here but there are still steps I can be taking to prepare and a plan set in place. This is good- it is all coming together. 🙂

I wanted to share this with you because it doesn’t just apply to me and my situation. I was just talking to some friends yesterday who are having a hard time with the unknowns of trying to get into a different place that may or may not be available right when their lease is up. Another friend is wanting to downsize but the place she wants may not be open in time as well, and while they are feeling the pressure to start this process now, they don’t know what to do if there is in-between time.

I surprised myself by saying to them that all they needed was a solid back-up plan (and later realized this very same suggestion would relieve my own anxiety!) Plans that you can feel confident in because you researched it out and cleared away any scary cobwebs of not knowing what to do. Know exactly what you will do. You can’t just say something really dramatic either like you’d die on the street- ha, ha come on don’t be ridiculous! You would simply keep up to date on the Craigslist of the one-month rentals available. Then plan on making it a sort of a fun adventure for your family by keeping most of your stuff in boxes that month and even borrowing a friends garage to stow it all in. Research it out, talk to friends, and get a plan.

This whole concept may seem like a no-brainer when read but let’s be honest sometimes in real life it takes us a long time to get to this conclusion. We allow unknowns to pull us through a trench of uncertainty and fear. I now say- just don’t even go there. Get an ABC plan that you are satisfied with and step right over those fears and uncertainties. They don’t benefit you and are simply a waste of energy. So, work on your plan and get excited because you are about to plunge into your next crazy-life ADVENTURE! 🙂

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