New Year Clean-ups Begin

The New Year is just around the corner and so is the time for a fresh start. After going over the budget this morning, I was surprised by how our food bill has gradually been increasing. I feel like we are totally out of food and yet my freezer and pantry are stocked full of stuff… Why is that?


I think it is because I really don’t even know what we have. So, I decided instead of heading straight to the grocery store I would first re-organize and take stock of what we have. I then wrote up a list of what we have and put it in a plastic sheet cover and put it on the fridge. I will use this as a quick-glance reference each week and mark things off as we use them.

This will help me with my new goal to use things we have on hand/food storage items in dinners at least 3x a week instead of using everything from what I just bought at the store. It is easier than it sounds. So either I use something I keep a storage of from our freezer or something I keep a regularly stock in our pantry. Then I can always add some fresh vegetable or special side that was bought just that week as a side but not the main dish.

I will also need to research recipes with more beans and basic staples- which is healthier anyways…
I try to involve my kids in projects and teach them how to work. This is why you will see them participating! 🙂 It makes me happy and I know they are learning to be self sufficient hard-working little ladies.





One thought on “New Year Clean-ups Begin

  1. Liz Frederick

    I love this too!! Brilliant!! Such a better use of resources! Going to try a less organized version in this for myself


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