Getting Out With the Ladies!

Here I am with some friends from my church group at a Time Out for Women Conference held in my area! I am an advocate of getting out and having some time away from kids with friends or alone to rejuvenate- no matter how wonderful one says their kids are!  This particular conference has always been a wonderful and uplifting experience all the 4 times I have been in various states.  It is sponsored by some ladies from my church that go around the country just to do these conferences. Check it out here. It was a ton of fun and I enjoyed meeting some of the speakers and musicians afterward. Here I am with some of my church friends meeting a couple of the presenters 1st with Caylee Reed, then Tamu Smith & Zandra Vranes, and in the third picture presenter Meg Johnson.


DSC_7039 DSC_7041DSC_7028 DSC_7031

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