Make Regular Shorts into Maternity Shorts!!!

I bought these to be maternity shorts for my last month. They look like normal jean shorts but are that super-super stretchy material which works great with a baby belly. The problem was I thought they were a good size at the store but when I got home and wore them a day they really stretched out and ended up being a size or two too big. Since I had already worn them I couldn’t take them back so I decided to re-craft them and sew them in a little!

To keep the inside seam looking the same, I just sewed a 1/2 inch flap in on the inside seam of the inner leg preserving the outside seam. Check out the pics after clicking “more” to see what I am talking about. It slimmed up the thigh part of the shorts while keeping the belly width. It is nothing too fancy but worked GREAT!!! Also, I don’t have to have that uncomfortable belly band attachment that typically comes with maternity shorts. Yay!!!

Revamp shorts into Maternity Shorts!

DSC_7647 This slims up the legs of the shorts while keeping the width of the belly of the shorts the same. AWESOME!!!

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