Who says you can’t be Fit & Pregnant?!!


Whoot, whoot! This and the preceding pics were taken 2 days before my due date at 9 months!!! I know some people have serious health restrictions but in most cases doctors fully support keeping up with your fitness, eating right, and going forward in fully living your life while pregnant- so go for it ladies!!!

No, I am not in my 20’s and this is not my first child. It is my fourth and I can honestly say I’ve
learned how to be more fit with each pregnancy! Go Moms Out There! Your influence is greater than you know. Your light may be the only light people see. So, Let it Shine!!!

DSC_7568s Yes, I am running and have been the entire pregnancy. I am slower now than I was a couple months ago which is to be expected. Some people have asked, “Well, doesn’t it hurt?” My answer to them is no it doesn’t. If it did, I would not do it. If I am running too hard my body let’s me know by feeling a little nauseous so I slow down or just do some fast walking.

Running while pregnant has been great and has made me learn support my abdomen properly! As a result, this has helped me to have zero back pain. In my first pregnancy I didn’t know to work on this to contradict the added weight of my growing baby belly and had pretty severe back pain. So, trust me I know the difference!!! I have progressively gotten better at it to honestly say, I have felt no back pain this time.



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