Invisible Thread!

Check out this non Sewing Person’s Secret! I was able to fix this shirt I got discounted for $2, I kid you not, with a 1 minute sewing job. DSC_8974

See how the center is ripped from the seam?

DSC_8976 DSC_8977
Well, enter in Invisible thread!
This may seam silly to you expert sewers out there but it was great for me. Not only did I not have to match the thread to the hot pink material but it was thick enough to use in my sewing machine for a quick job. I just used the white thread that was already in my machine for the backing and used this translucent thread for the top thread. It is durable enough for a machine, great for super light-weight fabrics, and wonderful that I don’t have to match the color to the garment.

Here is the after pics… Yeah! I just pulled the dark material over enough to sew the frayed part under the pink material to close up the gap. The back side has the frayed raw edge still but you don’t see if from the front and it looks like there was never a problem.  😉 Perfect craft for a Mom with zero time right now but who still wants to be a Fashionista on a dime! 🙂


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