Contact Paper Butterfly Craft!

These were so cute and easy! You can hang them from your ceiling over a crib, place them in a window, or hang them in a child’s room with a piece of thread and pushpin from the ceiling. The best part was that the kids themselves can make them.
All you need is a the outline of a butterfly cut out on some construction paper. In this case, we used black. Then you place the butterfly outline on a roughly 8×11 section of contact paper after having pulled back the backside. Next, you place little squares of colored tissue paper inside of the butter fly wings. You don’t need glue or any thing because you are sticking them right on the sticky contact paper. When you have covered the inside of the wings place a top sheet of contact paper with the backing removed to close it off. Lastly, cut around the butter fly and hang it from your child’s ceiling for decor!DSC_9221


For a list of supplies and more pictures click more.


-Previously cut out outline of a butterfly from construction paper

-colored tissue paper squares, 2cmx2cm
-2 clear construction paper sections preferably 8×10 inches
-thread and a pushpin

These are so simple and cute! Have fun!!!



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