Blouse Repairs!

Some Stores sell brand new clothes for super clearance prices if there is ever a tear or button missing. This is great because if you know a few simple fix-up tips than those cute new shirts can be easily fixed up and only cost a fraction of the normal cost. I got these for $2.49 and $3.99!

DSC_9871With the polk dot shirt I didn’t have any snaps to replace the missing ones so I sewed 4-6 inches of the front bodice closed where the snaps were missing. I just pull it on overhead when I wear it instead of needing to unsnap and snap every snap. It actually makes it better not having to worry any snaps are gapping open…. ever. Yeah!

DSC_9717 Here I added some black bias tape I had and put an insert of fabric in the front to replace the missing gap. I also added the gold button at the top to add a little pizazz.

Be create and think outside of the box to make the piece original. Give yourself a time limit, too. Truly how many times are you going to wear it? Make it work but keep it simple. DSC_9850

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