Love Pig Will and Pig Won’t

Pig Will and Pig Won'tThis summer as my kids and I were at the library reading books we came across this book by Richard Scarry. Somehow it made an impression on my girls and stood out amongst the others we read. Some books do that. It is always a treasure to hear one of my daughters refer to a book several weeks later. I immediately thought to myself, “Score, they were listening after all!”

This book stood out in particular I guess to my little daughter Emery for when I asked her if she would help me unload the dishwasher, a few weeks after reading the book, she jumped up and said “yes, I WILL! (I was in shock.) …because I am Pig Will and NOT Pig Won’t.” Whoohoo! This is one of those golden moments as a Mother that I couldn’t help but be thrilled about. Basically, the book is about two little brothers Pig Will and Pig Won’t and how Pig Will is always willing to help out and do as he is told while Pig Won’t won’t. As a result, Pig Won’t is often miserable and no fun to be around.

It was a cute little book and has a great message for kids. In addition to that, more recently I’ve been trying to instill in Emery a desire to be a peacemaker and help her sisters as she is now the oldest at home. I noticed that it is typically her behavior to her sisters that determines whether they are crying and upset or quiet and at peace.

Since then, I have reminded her of this little book along with teaching her how it is important to try to be a peacemaker. It is something that one has to practice and it doesn’t always come naturally. Right? We naturally get annoyed or upset and want to do something about it. Am I not correct? So when she is caught in an act of teasing and tormenting her sisters, I remind her about this. “Emery are you practicing being a peacemaker?” Believe it or not this little question, along with telling her how cool peacemakers are is helping!

With these two things in mind I’ve been thinking over the concept of being a peacemaker and being a Pig Will or Pig Won’t myself.  It is a cute concept for kids to start learning what an angry unwilling little character looks like to everyone else.  As a grown-up though I think it is important to embrace both Pig Will and Pig Won’t and not associate an emotion with needing to say no or yes.  Pig Won’t is not bad, in fact, he is very very necessary sometimes.

In fact, maybe we need to apply him more in our lives!

FOR EASE OF MIND, and to be more effective in what you’re trying to do

Make a list of WON’TS and WILLS!

Yay! I love making a list of what I want to do next in my life or what I want to work on improving or what I need to accomplish this week. I love lists.  But sometimes they aren’t so helpful when I am feeling like I have too much to do.  More than a couple items on a list starts draining me instantly.  So why not, when feeling a little overwhelmed, make a list of clearly defined WON’Ts and WILL’s!? Love both of the pigs, right? Hee, hee. Life is about balance. You need the ying just as you need the yang. Allow yourself a sigh of relief as you do this list exercise.

My Pig Will and Pig Won’t List: (Example)

  • I won’t sign my kids up for any more weekly activities this school year.
  • I will however, work with them on what they are currently learning at school and doing already.
  • I won’t do more than I have planned on the schedule this weekend.
  • I will make a nice meal for my family tonight and get the kids in bed on time.
  • I won’t…

Tip 1:  Just because you won’t do something now doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Just think of the long life you have to live. Rarely if ever is it now or never. As a whole, now or never is pretty much a false statement.

Tip 2: Most often I won’ts should be things you keep mulling over in your head but haven’t felt the conviction to jump on board yet. There is probably a reason for that. Don’t doubt yourself. Maybe yes, the idea is a good idea but not something to do at this time. Give the things you are doing more strength and more of your full attention by making this defining list. Just do it. You’ll thank me later.

Make your list and watch the magic happen. If you are feeling overwhelmed at this time of year, I promise it is helpful. Try it!!! You will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders as you perhaps make some decisions about things you didn’t even realize where bothering you. You can always re-access in 3-6 months if you feel it would be helpful.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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  1. Jenna

    This is so great Marilyn and inspiring! Thank you for your strong spirit and conviction. Sometimes I forget that I am in control of myself and my actions.


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