Mothering and Dance

While we were at BYU this past Spring Break for a family reunion we had a couple of days prior to do as we wanted.  Jason and I decided to visit BYU campus since we both were students here and met here 10 years ago.  In visiting the Richards Building we were allowed to go into a couple of dance classes to view first hand. It was a really special experience for me since this is what I have my degree in and spent a lot of time myself doing. Now I have four sweet daughters of my own and am involved in full-fledged mothering and am in a totally different stage of life.

What struck me upon viewing these classes was just how beautiful the dancers appeared to me. When I was a student, I didn’t feel so beautiful. I would often compare myself to the others in the classroom and if I was not one of the top dancers I did not feel that good about myself. But what struck me was that all the dancers were so beautiful to me. All of them. I didn’t distinguish between some as beautiful and some as not. Sure someone could mess up or mess up a lot but they were still so so beautiful and doing an amazing job.

What I equate to this is about mothering. I sometimes do not feel so beautiful or that great as a mother though I am truly trying my very best. I am giving it my all. But maybe, just maybe, just because I don’t feel so beautiful or amazing doesn’t mean a thing. Maybe I am beautiful because of what I am doing, because of my contribution and efforts, because I am a mother period.

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