Patience in Home Searching



Well, it seems not much “Mom Magic” is happening over here with only once a month posts but I am truly working at it! Do you ever feel like this in your life?

Although it sometimes appears we are doing the same thing day in and day out,  and not much is really getting done, be patient it is. Yes, the day is framed with the routines of wake up, get the kids dressed, fed and off to school only to begin sometimes an endless list of chores, but there is more to it than that.  It is not the same because each day we are a little different from the day before. We are now accompanied by the things we’ve learned from the previous day, year, and life we’ve lived so far.  This has been my mantra as of late.

These last couple of months we’ve been looking for a house.  We are currently renting and have been renting for the last almost four years now. It is time to get our own home. With so many choices to be made with such important details, I finally decided to make a checklist to see these houses objectively.

I share this with you in hopes that maybe this can give you an idea of how to handle your own momentous task of finding a house, deciding on a career, or ha ha even finding a spouse?  Through making a checklist it has helped me define exactly what I am looking for with a prioritized weighted list. As I share my list below, keep in mind these are what is important to us and you’ll want to put in what are your preferences.

If the first 5-6 categories are not met then I won’t even go about grading the house.


Of course the extra credit points and personal scoring of each category can make a large difference. House hunting can easily take over your life I am learning but with this it gives me a way to see it in perspective, be patient, and not be driven by the emotional aspect of it all.

How it works: Once I see a house I like and it meets the top criteria then I put a number grade for how close it gets to what I’ve written in each category below. For instance if I wrote “the main level must have 80% wood floors” and it only has a small room with a wood floor on the main level then I would grade it maybe a 3 or 2 as opposed to the full 8 points it can get. I then move on down the check list grading category against what ideally I am looking for.




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