Home Inspiration Series: Fresh White Linen

Last week I got to visit the sunny state of Arizona and see some family and friends! Here is the lovely home of a family friend Karen whom had us over to swim in her back yard with the kiddos. These are some pictures that she so kindly let me take to share with you of some of the amazing crafts she has done to spruce up her already beautiful home!

Some of the ideas include:

1. Buying an antique looking French Flour Bag stencil. Or, I suppose you could even making one yourself from a free printable online, an exact-o-knife, and a plastic folder. You can then stencil it on a pillow case that you make from canvas drop clothe material. This can be purchased very inexpensively at Home Depot or Walmart. I am talking $12 for 4 yards. It is the material that is typically used to catch paint that would drop to the floor while painting. Genius!

2. Next, since you get a lot of this material you can use it on other projects like seat covers as she did here to her lovely white table and chairs set. This originally had a orange yellow stained wood top and she just sanded it down to get the surface smooth and painted it with a few layers of white chalk paint. And whaalaa, it looks gorgeous!

3. I also love the simple art piece that she made to place behind her white table and chairs. She used 4 equal length boards with two short boards across the top and bottom of the back to hold them together. Then she painted it a light blue gray color and topped it with stenciling on a cute design with acrylic paint.

Thank you Karen for sharing your ideas and your home!

Check out more of her designs at her Etsy Shop at sweetcitrushome@etsy.com.


DSC_3763DSC_3744 DSC_3751 DSC_3749

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