Revamped Leopard Dress

I’ve noticed there is a shortage of dresses out there that are long enough to go past my knees and have sleeves. So I decided to give this dress a try at revamping.  I picked this dress up from a thriftstore believe it or not and I think it is really cute! Maybe my style is a little off the beaten path but why not? We all could use a little leopard print in our lives.

It caught my eye and made me smile at the store.  It was several sizes too large so I knew I could size it down and use the extra fabric to… hmmmm… what could I do … make sleeves! Yes, that’s it! So I watched some youtube videos about simple cap sleeves, said some prayers and whaalaa! It worked out! It is not 100% perfect but it now has sleeves, my sewing is getting better all the time, and I now I can wear it to church!




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