Learning Geography with our Homemade Map Tablecloth!

We’ve been using this tablecloth a lot lately and we’ve had a lot of fun with it. These girls are characters!

Update: We love doing World Wide Wednesday Dinners!

We are trying this slowly but surely and are finding it is really wonderful for our family. Things that are making it successful for our family are:

  1. Keeping the actual meal pretty simple, nothing too extravagant unless I really feel like it. Last night we had Curry Chicken, something that I was going to make anyways. (Whatever you are making find out where it originates from if you don’t already know and have that country be what you talk about.)
  2. We explained to the kids where it originated from… Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh and had them find these countries on the map.
  3.  We watched a little 1 1/2 min video on youtube of people eating curry in India and then one more 2 min video to show what it is like walking the streets of Delhi, India.  It was great!
  4. This spurred conversation and questions. For instance we noticed typically this dish is eaten without forks or knives! Also, the kids wanted to know about the street vendors and the carriage bikes.
  5. Also, I haven’t done this yet but I want to go online and buy a Children’s World Atlas so we can look up the country while we are eating and read a few facts about the country each time. I want to just get one used so if it ends up getting a little food on it, it is okay. 😉

Also, If you repeat a country, no prob.  Just see who can remember what you learned about this country last time and build on that to learn more.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant at all. If you make it too extravagant you are probably missing the point that it is mainly about just having fun learning and communicating with your family.  Make it simple and fun enough that its something you look forward to and enjoy. We are loving it!

Ending result was it was inspiring and enjoyable.  Once again opening our eyes to the expansive world beyond what we think is the norm. There are so many different amazing cultures, places, and people we can learn and be enriched from! We are excited to continue this!

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