Moving Around Furniture

So we are in the process of moving but this moving thing takes a long time. A month in a half is a long time to be in a “state of moving”. So to keep things feeling settled and still like home I moved all our our packed boxes so far and stacked them neatly in the garage. The sight of boxes is draining I’ve discovered because it was a constant reminder that I needed to pack and that things we not settle at the moment. So nope that was not okay. I got those out of my view and into their own home in the garage.

Then I rearranged the furniture and got things looking nice again. Yes, we are moving and some may argue that this is not necessary but I want the effect of moving to be as little minuscule as possible. Here is the new look. If you know me I have probably changed the arrangement and look of this living room 15-20x in the last 4 years. It doesn’t mean buying stuff necessarily. Often it is just moving around the furniture and changing the flow of the space. It is reinvents and defines the space. I highly recommend it.

Move things from different parts of the house into different rooms, change maybe one or two things that are dominating the color of the room like a rug, throw pillows, or picture. Listen within to how you feel about it. I personally like to get rid of things in corners or built up clutter and make it a space you could snap a picture of and feel good about. Try it! It’s fun and refreshing. 🙂




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