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Fancied Up Fireplace

So I probably shouldn’t disclose my little fix-ups and revamps but why not if it helps someone? Maybe this will inspire you to do a little something to get your place in tune. This update  took me 1.5  hours and cost me ooooh I really shouldn’t say but 95-100 dollars. If we would have hired someone and had them put it in or maybe did all the hours of labor, prep, and planning it would have cost us around a $600-1000 easily.

The secret thing is these are PEEL-N-STICK tiles!!! I don’t even believe it myself when I look at it. It looks that good. It really does. The sticker is 3-D so it looks like these are real tiles. I am very pleased with it. There were styles for less but since it was my fireplace, the accent of the living room, I wanted to make sure I chose something I loved even if it was the most expensive of the choices. But honestly it is still a great price. I love it!


I got them from Lowes and they cost 7.19 a sheet. I used 12 sheets I believe.  I am going to be using these again. I tell you these things because you don’t have to break the bank to get your place a happy space that you love. You really don’t. Listen to your inner voice. If it says you really don’t like something every time you pass by whether it is a certain room that is chronically messy, the arrangement of the room that throws you off, or a blah fireplace that you wish was just a bit more fancy. Think outside of the box and figure out how you can solve it in a manageable manner.

You can do it!!! You are amazing my friend. Whoot, whoot! If you want to get brave and show something you did recently please please post a pic in the comment section.












Time to Get Tough

As strange as it sounds, I have been using this piece of electrical machinery every other day recently. I didn’t think it was a big deal, like maybe everyone does this but my Mom told me it was actually pretty unique and that I should share this on my blog. So here it is!

dsc_5601 dsc_5606

In the last week, I have fixed my dryer (I watched youtube videos and figured it out! Thank you Youtube!) , fixed 2 vacuums, put up a baby gate, installed a new door handle with a lock, put up 15-18 baby proofing cabinet & drawer locks, and moved around shelves in my garage using this lovely power drill.


I am posting this not to say ‘I am so great’ but to encourage others out there that you can totally do this, too!!! Yes, there is a little dirt and grim involved as you can see in the inside of this vacuum, and a little faith as you are venturing to learn something new that might take a little trial and error but it is awesome when you start figuring it out! Practice this willingness to fix it yourself habit and it will be wonderful to 1. not have to call your hubby for every problem who may or may not know how to fix it, 2. wonderful to save money and time by not having to replace stuff right in left with going to stores and calling people 3. wonderful to be able to take the responsibility and then move on with your life without having to wait on others to take care of it.

You can do it!  You can learn to be a just a little more self reliant bit by bit, too. When you have a problem, research it.  Watch some YouTube videos, learn from friends, and pick up a hand drill today.  Ha, ha, no seriously though you have every right to get tough and take charge in your life where possible. You can do this. You are more capable than you realize. Just learn a little bit at a time and you will be amazed what good can come from it!











Personalizing Checklists

I thought I had tried everything, encouraging kids, nagging, bribery to get my kids to help out… but I think I have now finally found the key!!!!!

Personal Checklists!!!!  In order to make their responsiblites feel more personalized and give them ownership, I needed to somehow hand them off to them. Let them take more responsibility.  Right? So I went to the dollar store and purchased frames, sequence ribbon, fancy stickers, and alphabet beads to let them decorate and label with their name on each their own framed checklist chart.

Each kid has the same checklist.  With Dresden, the three year old, I don’t expect as much from her but she still has the same checklist and eventually I will hold her accountable at the same level. The main difference now is instead of practicing the piano she gets a check for using the potty each day and not having any accidents since this a fairly newly learned skill.

The “extra” chore on the checklist means some extra chore I asked them to do within the course of the day like “pick up the living room” or “sweep the kitchen floor”. They are not perfectly great at it but as long as I see they are giving an effort it counts.

Once they decorated their frames, I put their checklist inside and glued on four magnets so that it can hang up easily accessible to their height on the fridge. They will then use dry erase markers to check off their checks each day right on the glass of the frame.  It easily comes off with a paper towel and works just like a dry erase board. At the end of the week they will tally up their points and put their grand total in the upper right hand corner and then erase the checks to start over.

Point 2 that is making this successful is that now Grandma is on board to help. Bless her! She loves for the kids to Face time her. Now during her conversations with them she will ask them how they are doing with their checks. Not only do they not want to disappoint their Grandma but she offered to give them a cash reward each week for a certain number of checks like an allowance.

Suddenly the girls were a quite a bit more enthusiastic about these checks. They were asking what they could do to help and the whining was subdued immensely! I will have to report back but this is looking good. I am excited to see how things will pan out these next couple of weeks before school starts.

It is not only teaching them responsibility and self reliance that they will need in adulthood but the importance of consistent diligence. We all need this. Speaking of which,  I need to fine tune my own checklist. 🙂 Whoohoo, I am excited to see how things pan out! DSC_4317 DSC_4318 DSC_4320


Home Inspiration Series: Fresh White Linen

Last week I got to visit the sunny state of Arizona and see some family and friends! Here is the lovely home of a family friend Karen whom had us over to swim in her back yard with the kiddos. These are some pictures that she so kindly let me take to share with you of some of the amazing crafts she has done to spruce up her already beautiful home!

Some of the ideas include:

1. Buying an antique looking French Flour Bag stencil. Or, I suppose you could even making one yourself from a free printable online, an exact-o-knife, and a plastic folder. You can then stencil it on a pillow case that you make from canvas drop clothe material. This can be purchased very inexpensively at Home Depot or Walmart. I am talking $12 for 4 yards. It is the material that is typically used to catch paint that would drop to the floor while painting. Genius!

2. Next, since you get a lot of this material you can use it on other projects like seat covers as she did here to her lovely white table and chairs set. This originally had a orange yellow stained wood top and she just sanded it down to get the surface smooth and painted it with a few layers of white chalk paint. And whaalaa, it looks gorgeous!

3. I also love the simple art piece that she made to place behind her white table and chairs. She used 4 equal length boards with two short boards across the top and bottom of the back to hold them together. Then she painted it a light blue gray color and topped it with stenciling on a cute design with acrylic paint.

Thank you Karen for sharing your ideas and your home!

Check out more of her designs at her Etsy Shop at


DSC_3763DSC_3744 DSC_3751 DSC_3749

Paint Your Boots

Okay so maybe I am going a little paint crazy here but check this out. Aren’t these lovely? Paint your old boots with regular latex paint for a signature look. Have fun wearing them downtown! I used two coats and made sure to not get the bottom sole and heel. Other than that you really can’t go wrong!

DSC_3104 DSC_3106

Painted Dresser & Handmade Handles



I’ve desired to do this for a while. I finally just stopped thinking and fretting about it and did it! It was so easy. It took less than an hour and that is even with two coats.  It looks so much better! It adds life to my bedroom and the handles look much more up-to-date.

I made the handles out of leather material and thick wire. I cut small strips of leather, folded the ends towards the center long ways and then sewed across the length of the leather. I strung the thick wire through the leather, through the holes of the drawer, and twisted it closed on the inside of the drawer.

This project cost me $0. I used only stuff that I had in my house. The paint is not any special furniture paint. It is regular latex eggshell finish paint.