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Keeping Marriage Strong

What keeps your marriage strong?

Date Night!!!

This may sound silly but you have to be relentless about it to make it happen sometimes because sometimes life gets tough and life gets busy.  You can’t afford to let your marriage sit on the back burner.  We do game nights with friends and date nights pretty religiously. It is has kept us strong and our relationship developing through the years. We’ve been married almost 13 years so I have at least a tinsy bit of experience.

It doesn’t have to cost money. Sometimes the very best and memorable dates didn’t cost a thing. Like this fun evening we had last Friday, a Murder Mystery Night complete with costumes, music, and a fun Murder Game- Deception in Hong Kong.

If it is expensive to get babysitters, do trades with friends or invite friends over to your house so your kids can be sleeping in their beds. Honestly paying a babysitter is so worth it to get out of the house! Just do it. 🙂