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Revamped Leopard Dress

I’ve noticed there is a shortage of dresses out there that are long enough to go past my knees and have sleeves. So I decided to give this dress a try at revamping.  I picked this dress up from a thriftstore believe it or not and I think it is really cute! Maybe my style is a little off the beaten path but why not? We all could use a little leopard print in our lives.

It caught my eye and made me smile at the store.  It was several sizes too large so I knew I could size it down and use the extra fabric to… hmmmm… what could I do … make sleeves! Yes, that’s it! So I watched some youtube videos about simple cap sleeves, said some prayers and whaalaa! It worked out! It is not 100% perfect but it now has sleeves, my sewing is getting better all the time, and I now I can wear it to church!




Turn a Long Shirt into a Childs Dress!

DSC_1263 DSC_1265after DSC_1272Step 1: Turn adult-sized dress inside out and lay a good-fitting dress/shirt of the child’s over the top. Line up the top of the shoulders and arms. Trace an outline.  Sew and trim off the excess material from the underarm and bodice all the way down the sides of the dress. Here is a youtube tutorial of what I am talking about in step one if what I said doesn’t make sense.DSC_1272aStep 2: Use a straight edge like a ruler to pull the fabric up and fold it over 1/2 inch or so depending on how large your shirt was to begin with.  I had my daughter try this on two or three times during the process to make sure it would fit well.  This step is important for a better fit around the neckline since we are going from it being an adult shirt (wider neckline) to a child neckline.DSC_1275Step 3: Flip the dress over to the back and do the same pleats on the back just like in step 2.

Easy Repair to Ripped Shirt!

Check out this simple and easy fix to my shirt with a rip. As some of you know, I love fixing up clothes I find for stellar prices because they are damaged or simply mixing up what I have to get a new fresh look. You can do the same!
Just sew on something frilly overtop and don’t worry about fixing the hole underneath.
DSC_9725 DSC_9728

Blouse Repairs!

Some Stores sell brand new clothes for super clearance prices if there is ever a tear or button missing. This is great because if you know a few simple fix-up tips than those cute new shirts can be easily fixed up and only cost a fraction of the normal cost. I got these for $2.49 and $3.99!

DSC_9871With the polk dot shirt I didn’t have any snaps to replace the missing ones so I sewed 4-6 inches of the front bodice closed where the snaps were missing. I just pull it on overhead when I wear it instead of needing to unsnap and snap every snap. It actually makes it better not having to worry any snaps are gapping open…. ever. Yeah!

DSC_9717 Here I added some black bias tape I had and put an insert of fabric in the front to replace the missing gap. I also added the gold button at the top to add a little pizazz.

Be create and think outside of the box to make the piece original. Give yourself a time limit, too. Truly how many times are you going to wear it? Make it work but keep it simple. DSC_9850