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Who says you can’t be Fit & Pregnant?!!


Whoot, whoot! This and the preceding pics were taken 2 days before my due date at 9 months!!! I know some people have serious health restrictions but in most cases doctors fully support keeping up with your fitness, eating right, and going forward in fully living your life while pregnant- so go for it ladies!!!

No, I am not in my 20โ€™s and this is not my first child. It is my fourth and I can honestly say Iโ€™ve
learned how to be more fit with each pregnancy! Go Moms Out There! Your influence is greater than you know. Your light may be the only light people see. So, Let it Shine!!!

DSC_7568s Yes, I am running and have been the entire pregnancy. I am slower now than I was a couple months ago which is to be expected. Some people have asked, “Well, doesn’t it hurt?” My answer to them is no it doesn’t. If it did, I would not do it. If I am running too hard my body let’s me know by feeling a little nauseous so I slow down or just do some fast walking.

Running while pregnant has been great and has made me learn support my abdomen properly! As a result, this has helped me to have zero back pain. In my first pregnancy I didn’t know to work on this to contradict the added weight of my growing baby belly and had pretty severe back pain. So, trust me I know the difference!!! I have progressively gotten better at it to honestly say, I have felt no back pain this time.

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Meal Planning 101


Okay, so I have this habit that I am happy about and hope to continue all my days… it is meal planning and eating dinner together as a family. I have heard of some people planning out their entire month which to me sounds not fun at all but to do it once a week I am perfectly happy with. Everyone is different, I am just saying for me once a week has been SUPER HELPFUL. I decided to set this into practice from a blog I read a couple years back that gave me some encouragement and from my mother-n-law who recommended it as well. Thanks you!

All I do is jot down my meal plan for the week and alongside it I make a grocery list for the ingredients. I only plan dinners. Breakfast and snacks are sort just what we feel like or often lunch is a no-brainer because it is what we had yesterday for dinner. This gives me a specific list to go to the store with and helps me limit my grocery shopping excursions which is helpful on many fronts. I try to go only once a week which every other week, I go to 2 grocery stores to get more variety of things. I love not spending much time in grocery stores!!! I make a list, get what I need with a few extras, and then leave.

To make it easier on myself and more do-able I make sure to only have one or sometimes rarely two new recipes I want to try for the week and plan for those on days I am not as scheduled so that by the time dinner comes around I won’t be too exhausted to yes- read a recipe. Once a week or maybe twice is plenty- all the other nights we go to tried and true meals. I like to be healthy and eat well as a family but I also know I have many other competing interests for time. This streamlines the whole preparing dinner process and is awesome!!! Having dinner as a family every night is a top goal of mine. I have heard from many sources that meal time is a critical part of family bonding and helping children develop a healthy eating habits. I believe it, so mealtime structure it is!

Here is my mealtime menu planner sheet as a little gift to help you get going. You can do it. After 21 days of doing, it becomes a habit. I challenge you to set your family mealtime as top priority, too whether it is just two of you or a little crew. You are awesome and your family needs you and all your efforts.
๐Ÿ™‚ Marilyn

MEAL PLANNING clipart-scissorsclipart-scissor---clipart-best-4w7doaz1Cut down the middle for 2 per page. Print out at least 3 months worth to get you started. I put mine on a magnetic clip board to stick on my fridge.

Good Luck!!!!!!

I Love Pilates

Can I just say I love Pilates! In pursuing my BA in Dance we were required to participate in the newly opened BYU Pilates Facility. I liked it and could see some benefit but I didn’t fully comprehend the use of it at the time so I discontinued it after college.

This last year, I have rediscovered it again from a friends recommendation! For several years now I have loved to do workout videos in the comfort of my own home and especially after becoming a Mom to save time and have a more practical approach towards exercizing. Now I am enjoying doing these Pilates DVDs! There are also many quality Pilates workouts on YouTube. A lot of the success of it has to do with having a good instructor as it was a turn off for me for several years when I rented dud Pilates DVDs from the library eventually steering me clear of it. I prefer something that is faster paced and definitely must get my heart pumping.

One of my go-to favorite instructors lately is Kristen McGee! If you have a moment let me know of yours! You don’t have to have any dance background to do this although a little flexibility is helpful -just start where you are and you may be pleasantly surprised. One of the main things I love about Pilates is that it focuses on muscle tone with correct body alignment which sets you up for long term success. Also, using the resistance of your own body allows you to tone “what you got” while REQUIRING you to utilize your core strength. I love it!

Try it. There is a saying that is often coupled with pilates… love your body in 10 days, transform it in 30. That sounds a little too good to be true in my book but honestly it is pretty darn good if you are consistent and give it some real effort.

P.S. One more tip that I wished I would have realized earlier. It is not just about going through the motions but really trying to do them with fluidity… it takes a lot of strength. ๐Ÿ™‚




City Market

No we are not in Beijing but in our beautiful Kansas City! We love it here. The city market downtown is great with excellent produce, prices, variety, live entertainment, and a mixture of cultures. The coolest thing is that it is available every Sat. except a couple months of the winter!






Get Inspired Nutrition-wise!

I was feeling like I wanted to change up my normal food routine and came upon this video ! I’ve tried the avocado toast on Sprouts Multi-grain Artisian Bread and found it absolutely delicious. I want to have some right now. Seriously.:) Check it out! These are some good ideas of meals that are simple and healthy.

Knowing your Food Sources!

Healthy Eating Tips:

Tis the season of finding it nearly impossible to eat healthy. But itโ€™s the little decisions every day that can help you make better eating habits.

Very first of all, know what source your foods are coming from.


  • Apple-Carbohydrate
  • Bread- Carbohydrate
  • Popcorn-Carbohydrate


  • Chicken-Protein
  • Cottage Cheese-Protein
  • Eggs-Protein


  • Almonds-Fat
  • Peanut Butter-Fat
  • Avocado-Fat

Know foods that mix:

  • Milk-Carbohydrate and Protein
  • Fish-Fat and Protein
  • Beans-Carbohydrate and Protein

Know how to decipher the food label:


Breakdown of Food Label and Macronutrients: