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Reading Room

This room was originally a dining room with a big ol’ chandelier. Slowly but surely we have been transforming it into our kid friendly reading room. My Dad helped by installing a fan and yesterday, I spent my Christmas cash on this rug. I love it! It brings a lot of light into the room making it a wonderful place for enjoying a good book.
It is not finished. As you see I need to finish hanging up some pictures. I would like to get 2 large bookshelves but instead of holding off until I can afford the ones I want and have the room be empty for who knows how long, why not make do with the bookshelf and stuff I already have? Perfect. Maybe I don’t need those huge white bookshelves I originally imagined after all. 🙂 World of books here we come!

Also, my friend gave me a great idea to cover a bulletin board with cute material and designate it as a place to display kid art. My kids love this and appreciate their art being displayed. To do this, I just found a bulletin board at a local thrift store and covered it with some material I already had. I used a staple gun on the backside to secure the material pulled tight against the board. You should try one!!! They are cute, functional, and won’t break the bank! Plus, your kids will feel special to see their art everyday. You can’t go wrong. 🙂









Moving Around Furniture

So we are in the process of moving but this moving thing takes a long time. A month in a half is a long time to be in a “state of moving”. So to keep things feeling settled and still like home I moved all our our packed boxes so far and stacked them neatly in the garage. The sight of boxes is draining I’ve discovered because it was a constant reminder that I needed to pack and that things we not settle at the moment. So nope that was not okay. I got those out of my view and into their own home in the garage.

Then I rearranged the furniture and got things looking nice again. Yes, we are moving and some may argue that this is not necessary but I want the effect of moving to be as little minuscule as possible. Here is the new look. If you know me I have probably changed the arrangement and look of this living room 15-20x in the last 4 years. It doesn’t mean buying stuff necessarily. Often it is just moving around the furniture and changing the flow of the space. It is reinvents and defines the space. I highly recommend it.

Move things from different parts of the house into different rooms, change maybe one or two things that are dominating the color of the room like a rug, throw pillows, or picture. Listen within to how you feel about it. I personally like to get rid of things in corners or built up clutter and make it a space you could snap a picture of and feel good about. Try it! It’s fun and refreshing. 🙂




Faux Cement Countertops with Contact Paper


I used this removable wall paper/ contact paper from Target! The color was called

Devine Color Weave Wallpaper – Mirage & Silver.



One tube of it covers 25 square feet so I bought two at 29.99 and covered all my countertops! I did this about a year ago but I just wanted to show how it is holding.
If you live in a rental and want to have your place look nice without paying much comparatively to real new countertops than this project is for you. I just used a youtube tutorial of how to apply contact paper to counters and went for it.


Some helpful tips include:
-it was helpful to have another person help to hold the pieces so they wouldn’t roll after the backing was taken off
-cut the side pieces first and do these first
-use a razor blade to cut off excess contact paper edges on sides of countertop
-it is best to get little bubbles out of the contact paper as you go to keep it nice looking. I tried using a plastic flat edge like a credit card but it is easier just using your hand and just gently smoothing the air out

Again just watch a Youtube tutorial to see the process in action.

Try it! It is a little tricky but it really isn’t that bad. Depending on the size of your kitchen, it should only take a 1-3 hours max and then you will have some pretty cool looking FAUX CEMENT COUNTERTOPS!



Since I have had mine on over a year it has worn a little bit in spots making the color lighter where I really scrubbed in cleaning but it isn’t enough for me to need to redo it. I am very happy with it. 🙂


New Curtains!

When you are tired of your place of residence and need a little new life… change the curtains along with a few throw pillows and whaa-laa! It is a new space. This is my most recent project that I finally hung up today! It has taken a little while since I had to stop mid project and buy some new sewing machine needles along with dealing with many other stops but I got it done. Yay!