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New Curtains!

When you are tired of your place of residence and need a little new life… change the curtains along with a few throw pillows and whaa-laa! It is a new space. This is my most recent project that I finally hung up today! It has taken a little while since I had to stop mid project and buy some new sewing machine needles along with dealing with many other stops but I got it done. Yay!


Easiest Laundry Closet Makeover EVER!


Okay, so you have to see the before picture by clicking on “continue reading.”  It is not my highest moment but it shows the reality of it. Removing a shelf and adding this easily re-moveable wall paper cleaned it up a ton! Having two shelves before just gave me an excuse for more clutter. Well not anymore. This eyesore is now a little picture of loveliness. 🙂

P.S. I got this lovely contact paper (mock wall paper) from Target for only $25! Love it!

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Kitchen Makeover!

Here DSC_5750is the kitchen update! Can you tell what’s different?! Although this is not exactly my dream kitchen, it is pretty nice considering it is a rental and compared to what it looked like originally with the yellowish “cream counters” and no back splash! To make the counters gray, I used easily re-moveable contact paper I got from Target. Then…

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Removable Wallpaper in Closet

DSC_5401 Yes! It is that time of year where I revamp my closet for SPRING! I know it is only the 23rd of January but I love having a spring wardrobe. I can’t help it. I put away all those dark shades, red, and fall colors for a fresh and fun Spring- only keeping a few signature “winter pieces” out. It is still cold here and will get colder every now and then through April so my spring wardrobe is typically warmer pieces but I don’t have to dress so dark like it is the dead of winter. Come on! 😉 Since all the clothes are on hangers and in a roll out drawer… Continue reading