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New Layout!

Okay, so my friend who comes every week for piano lessons said I change my house up more than anyone she has ever met.  Each week she comes and something is different.  I took that as a compliment. I guess I like to keep life exciting with new adventures and fun around every corner.  With the house, it is more because I have been experimenting with the best layout to have it show well now that it is on the market.  Here is the latest layout and hopefully this will stay so I can move on to do other things!

Details, Details…

I am back in the game. I want to start blogging more on this site. I have been a little confused as to what direction I should take with it now that I am moving and may not need to be as thrifty as I have in the past with Jason moving up in Residency. I have learned a lot from my scrimping, learning to do things myself, and re-purposing tactics but it probably won’t be as necessary as we move further on in the career. Plus, we are hoping to rent a place so I won’t be doing any major house fix-ups. This is a choice I’ve made because I want to spend my free time on different goals that I have previously set aside for a while. Now that I feel like one of my dreams of fixing up a house is completed, at least for now (warning: I may want to do this again in a couple of years with our family home… maybe an old Victorian mansion?), I am ready for some different challenges. I have some things brewing in my mind…

Until then, let’s just say I’ve been organizing the heck out of my house. I told my mom that if she thought I was bad before, now I have gone off the deep end. Just kidding, I am sure there are others that can claim to be much more queen bee at it than I. It has simply been a way to figure out what I have and what I am willing to part with. It has also been interesting to see what things I like to hold on to and what isn’t as important to me. It has made me sort through that stack of things that I have kept through the years and surprisingly I still want to hang on to most of it. There are those books I’d forgotten about that I still want to read when I get around to it, and still feel a happiness and peace from my little collections I’ve added to through the years.

What is important to you? What do you find yourself holding on to? Do you still find many of your interests are the same through the years? If so, good. I believe that means you are good at listening and respecting yourself enough to really know yourself. If not, maybe you are just a late bloomer and that is okay, too… Sure I have new interests that I have picked up along the way like photography and learning to be more computer savvy but I still love fashion, history, music, interior design all those other fun subjects. Hee, hee.

Anyway, back to what I have been doing recently. I guess on top of organizing, I’ve been doing some small/not exciting fix ups. Ones that would be terribly boring to blog about like repairing small wholes in the wall, repainting scuffed up furniture, and cleaning brass door handles. But these small things have really started adding up and I am pleased with the results. The one below is a little more drastic and hence the photo. Enjoy!



House Now…

Here is our house now at it’s present state! It has come a long way. We have had plumbing replaced, wood floors redone, wall paper removed from every room, re-tiled both bathrooms and kitchen, and basically everything you can think of. It has been a dream come true for us and we’ve learned a lot. We have had to sacrifice some vacations, save, learn new skills, and be thrifty on a meager income but we did it! Phew!


Repurposed Chair!

Okay, so I found this chair on a tree lawn… It was such a neat design and just needed to be reupholstered so I thought what the heck, I will just see what I can do with it. The velvet material I chose to use is normally very expensive but I just bought two velvet curtains on clearance at Target for $35 total. This was all the material I needed. I have never done such a daring upholstery project before so I figured if it didn’t work at least I didn’t put much money into it. Luckily, it worked out and I now have a new chair for my living room!

I just unstitched the fabric pieces on the chair and used these pieces as patterns for my new material. I sewed them together with my sewing machine and stapled them on the chair. I added a trim on the back, also covering staples. It worked out great and I am happy to be finished!

I think the hardest part of the project was thinking that I may have gotten a little larger project than I knew how to do. It wasn’t too bad after all and I am glad it is done. My 2 year old daughter enjoyed helping as well!

Making Changes

With the new year I always get a little antsy to make some visual changes in my surroundings. I think it is representative of my desire to start fresh with the new year-in an effort to become a little better and start anew. This time around my fresh start is the color lime green!

For the longest time, I have just been using this room as a piano/music room. I decided to move the piano into the living room and set up the dining room as such. I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier. I had it the other way for 5 years and it looks so much better now.



Here is a simple decorating idea. Using mason jars as vases and containers for miscellaneous objects is a new trend I’ve come upon. I have quite a few from canning jam this summer so I used those, cut up some greenery we had, and tied on some yarn.

Here is the piano tucked away in the living room. Also moving the furniture away from the large floor to ceiling front windows allows them to be seen more. They are a real feature in the home, might as well let them shine-literally.

With all these changes I spent less than ten dollars! I just moved things around from different rooms in my house and bought a couple items on clearance and the thrift store!  The green vase is a real antique called carnival glass my mom gave to me a couple years ago.  I haven’t been able to use it until now.  It was also helpful to just clear out a lot of the stuff I had grown accustom to. Now everything is in a different spot or replaced with something new.

Here is looking forward to a great 2012!