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Craft Closet Fun

I’ve been on a crafting kick now that the weather has dramatically changed. It isn’t fall already?! I love fall but all this rain and cloudy skies means we get to do fun indoor crafts.

This scary mess becomes…

a beautifully organized activity closet for my little energetic two year old. Complete with labeled activity containers and themed toy containers for more structured play.

Prepare to be SHOCKED!

Here is our kitchen when we first moved in 4 years ago now.  Wow. What can I say more.

Then it went to this… yeah, I am not proud of this sea theme.

Yep, way to much junk in the window sill.

Then to this… still the blue floor irked me.

And FINALLY, dun, dun, dun… the AFTER:

Project Closet

This is a project that I put on the back burner and decided not to worry about when we were moving but now that we are staying at least another year, it is time to enjoy a nice clean, freshly painted, organized closet for my daughters!

First, I added a second bar to accommodate all their clothes, then painted it all white, including the trim, and put in shelves for their shoes.   This project totaled $1.97  which was for the screws I used to attach the boards that held up the bottom clothing rod.  Amazingly we had all the other equipment needed including; paint, an extra clothing rod (? yeah, people usually don’t keep these on hand and it is another story entirely), wood, brushes, rollers, and shoe shelves.  I found the shelves on the tree lawn a few months ago in perfect condition. Maybe I should not disclose this but hey- it is true and probably makes it more interesting for you!

I love clothes and so I get a real sense of satisfaction having a nice place for them.  Yes, it may seem a little strange.  I dream of one day having a beautiful walk-in closet.  That is just not possible here in the East where all the homes were built at least 50-100 years ago, so you have to be creative with the space you have!

Before:  (Except for the rod I already added.  It had wall paper when we first moved in and those marks are the glue residue from the wallpaper.)

My Nov. Updates!

  •  New Family Sign given to me by my mom
  • I put on the little scroll wood piece on the fireplace and repainted the fireplace to look cleaner
  • Arranged stuff I already had differently and updated picture frames
  • took out red pieces to give the room a cleaner, whiter look
  •  I found this little dresser at a garage sale.  I painted it white and added a little scroll wood piece back in the summer because I was going to sell it on craigslist.  Since, I never ended up selling it I decided to keep it and recently painted it cream to match my other furniture.
    •  I made some pillows coverings over the red pillows I took out, moved furniture, and added some things like the fluffy white shawl on the brown couch.

     Our Bedroom:

    • I made the bed 100x softer by adding an awesome mattress pad, (plus an additional single-sized mattress pad for my side only- Jason doesn’t like the bed that soft) a down comforter, and to die for flannel sheets.  
    • I made the bed skirt, the single ruffled pillow on the bed, and the lamp shade in the background.
    • I got new bedding that has a softer country look. 
    • I changed out the curtains to match the new bedding and create a lighter, softer look to brighten things up.  I wanted colors that would emphasize the sunlight and feel like a little touch of heaven. 
    • I added simple clean white blinds and took down the annoying scroll down shades we had before.
    •  I stained and  polyurethaned the chair to match this desk that used to be downstairs. We already had the chair which I had found on a tree lawn at one point.  I was so happy to use stuff that I already had and yet it feels new since it is in a new place in the house! I was using a card table before for my desk- this is much better!
    • I arranged a new display on top of my chest of drawers.
    • I painted the candlesticks and mirror that I already had.
    • I made a picture collage with recent photos we had taken as family.
    Overall, I spent very minimal money and yet, feel I have a new house by simply changing up and moving around stuff I already had.  We don’t know if we are moving this summer or not and if so where yet.  Jason applied to 75 different places around the U.S. and all we can do is wait to find out. Most people wouldn’t worry about it if they didn’t like their surroundings- especially if they were moving soon, but I guess I am a little crazy!  
    I just want to enjoy my present life and not always be waiting for the future.  If we move great, if we don’t that is awesome, too.  Seriously, there are benefits to both.  Always looking to the future puts too much pressure on the future, who is to say it will be all that fabulous if you don’t even enjoy your present life.  If you don’t enjoy your present life, make changes so that you do.  I never want to look back and regret not really living.  I say prepare for the future but live now by taking advantage of all the life that is before your eyes!

    Home Improvements!

    With some simple brighter lights, cleaning, and paint our basement is transformed!
    After!  I just beaded on some crystal-like beads to give it a fancier look.
    This isn’t really a “home improvement” but I just got this drink container last week and thought it was so cute!

    Fun times, Tantrums, and More Curtains

    As an Activities Day Leader, I get to meet once a month with these sweet girls! We have had a lot of fun together. We learned about health and made healthy snacks of popcorn and fruit smoothies this last Friday.  One of the girls, Annie (on the far upper right), is moving and we will miss her very much.  Below is Aurora showing some attitude…  I love her dearly and we have some great times together but, sometimes she can wear me to a frazzle.  Here is proof that she is not always so tender.  Lastly, I made/revised some curtains, that I already had, to make them more stylish and professional looking.  I threaded thin rope through proportionately spaced rings to have them fold properly and then added some ribbon and frills for decor.