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Adjusting the Sails

I love the quote by President Thomas S. Monson, “We can’t direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.” The weather around here (consisting of hailstorms, snow, and frequent overcast skies) has kept us indoors a little more to say the least. But, that hasn’t stopped me from fighting the good fight by striving to make the world around me and within my own soul better and more beautiful!:) In this case, it is quite literal with the addition of more COLOR to my kitchen! Bright, fun, and spunky color…and I love it. I smile every time I walk in there. That is a good thing, right?! I have also revamped some clothes and did some smaller crafts I’ve been meaning to do which I otherwise still may not have gotten around to. Maybe I will take pictures of the dress I revamped when I wear it to church tomorrow. We’ll see?!
Anyway, when the weather outside won’t cooperate with it’s correct season, I say take control and add color within!!!


DSC_0520 DSC_0527 DSC_0529

Contact Paper Part 3!!!

Okay, maybe I am going a little overboard here with the contact paper but it is so much fun! Any guesses as to what else I covered?

I will reveal the answer at the end!



answer: the wood wall on the left which goes under the stairs and also below the antique wall clock to make it look like a full length Grandfather clock 🙂

Contact Paper Part 2!!!

Yes! This is great. I had my doubts at first when I stumbled on the idea from a random Youtube video. I’ve always loved the wood block counter top look and so I got really excited when I happened upon as a contact paper option at the store the other day!

I will dig up a picture of my counters before if you want a before and after.

Enjoy! I’d say the trickiest part was the corners which have to be done with precision. Other than that it looks pretty darn real! I got this roll at Home Depot for 19.99. It was 3 ft. wide and 70 sq ft long. This was way more than I needed. For my kitchen I could of gotten away with 13-16 sq. ft when I went back and measured it. Try this easy and cheap fix me up!!! Good luck!



Contact Paper Part 1!!!

Faux Countertop cover for the Washer and Dryer!

I am having a lot of fun with this contact paper I picked up from Home Depot the other week. It is great to fix up a place when you are living somewhere only temporarily because it comes off easily yet makes a huge visual effect.

I like projects that take only a small effort and have a large effect! Yeah!


First, I organized and then added…


contact paper for a Faux Countertop look on the Washer and Dryer!


Twinbed Made Into Couch

 To make our guest bed more fitting for our office, check out this Twinbed-Made-Into-A-Couch idea!! I made the back cushions extra deep (10 inches) which shortened the depth of the bed, visually making it appear like a real couch.  Each arm is a rolled up bed pillow cover. It is working out great and hardly cost me a cent because I used the material of 2 window panels I already had. You will need thick material other than cotton or polyester to make it look legit like mine. The stuffing in the back pillows are blankets and bedding we had on hand that we weren’t using. 

Once a guest comes to visit, you can easily remove this outside cover because it is just laying on top of the bed like a blanket and cushions. Hope that helps!!!



If you like this, learn how I used a staple gun on my slipcover to REMAKE this couch!


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