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Spending Time with My Kids

Projects as of late have involved spending time with my family as well as a few very minor things here and there. For instance, I did make a crib sheet, tried out some new recipes, cooked, and cleaned. This is about all I’ve done as I have am trying to adjusting to my youngest one. But, I just wanted to let you folks know I am still alive and kicking!

While the older two were at summer camp this week, this little one and I spent a lot of time together while my baby slept. She loves me playing house with her and sometimes the little things are the most important things to do. 🙂

DSC_8209 DSC_8216

Quality Time With the Kiddos

Kids love to create and especially when it comes to making sweets. Here we are getting ready for a music recital and making treats for it.  They were easy and the kids loved going all out with the sprinkles.  I am not a fan of actually eating these but maybe it is just me- it was not a temptation to eat them. 😉  So it was a win-win activity for all. They got to help and later eat, we did a fun productive activity together, and made the very important treats for the recital.

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I is for ICE CREAM

I taught my last session of preschool this year and the kids couldn’t be happier to recieve ice cream for their snack. My little daughter Emery has grown so much in the last year! She has really bloomed from a toddler into a little girl. I was looking back over some of the pictures in the last year with her and was astonished at how much she has changed. I hope I am treasuring these small moments enough… She is so precious to me. DSC_7047 Continue reading

Quiet Kid-Activity Bags

DSC_6331Update:These could also be used on road trips or the airplane as an alternative to electronic devices!

So, I discovered something a while ago that has really saved me -Church Kid-Activity Bags!  Not just using the same one week after week but to have three bags to rotate between! Each week we bring a different one and the kids love it. I have different activities and quiet toys in each bag, too so the bag contents remain exciting. Continue reading to see the pics of my different bags and a list of content ideas!

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Creating Memories- Weekly Adventures

I’ve decided to start taking a regular adventure-outing to somewhere we’ve never been with my kids once a week. Whether friends can join or not, we are going! We would get out before but not necessarily to somewhere new.  I guess we were starting to play it safe with the same collective places.

I want to make sure my kids and I are really making the most of this precious time we have together while they are still at mostly at home and so young. They are also at such an impressionable age, I want them to learn to appreciate the breadth of the wide world around them. I always feel we learn something new and expand our view of life as we know it so, why not? We typically always have a good time and being in a new environment helps us form unique memories and truly spent time together whereas at home there can be a million other tasks to pull us in separate directions.


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Homemade Photo Backdrop!

My friend made this cute Valentine themed backdrop and invited me and another friend over yesterday to take pictures of our kids against it! It was such a clever idea and not too hard to recreate. I want to make one, too! Basically she used a large board she got at a resale shop, spray painted it white for texture, and then added the cute and simple valentine flags against the back. We propped it up inside against the natural sunlight of a window and starting taking pictures. I used no flash to maximize the beautiful natural sunlight. DSC_5545sm
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