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Organizing Music Books

Nothing spells beauty quite like ORDER and CLEANLINESS! This space originally had no middle shelf and had a pull out slider on the bottom of the cabinet where an old box TV could go. I took that out since we keep our TV in the playroom downstairs and it is honestly too small of a space for the TVs people use now.

Next, I made a middle shelf from an extra shelf in the lower cabinet that was not being used and secured it in place.  And lastly, I bought these IKEA magazine organizers to be nice aesthetic dividers. I have only done the piano books on the bottom shelf but I plan to organize the rest of the music books on the top shelf. Yay! Every bit of progress is progress!!!
dsc_7910 dsc_7913 dsc_7914


Closet Beauty

I show you all these before and after pictures to show you we are far from perfect my friends. Haha, that’s a joke, you don’t need to be told that. With a little love and thought, a hopeless catch-all space can become CLEAN, BRIGHT, and a source of CHEER with only a little creative thinking!!! Nor does it have to cost anything.:)

Ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. Ideally what do I want this space for?

2. What honestly ends up happening with this space?

3. What can I do without that isn’t working here?

4. What are some practical solutions that almost take zero effort to follow-through with?

5. Set some rules in your head about this space and even label areas where things are to go.

It works and labels work. I am amazed at how little spaces have changed since I’ve organized them and especially when I’ve labeled them! It takes a little upfront thought effort to think through these questions but after you’ve done it and it isn’t working your one step closer to finding something that will work. The next time you will know better how to go about it.
We can check up on this space in a couple of months to see if it is really working.

What I did:

I know it may not look that special of a change but I am happy with it! And this is an important traffic space.
1. I removed all the winter coats because hopefully it will not get cold again and we are officially headed into warm weather. I added some low hanging (for the kids) over the door hooks so it will be easier if someone has a jacket in the future to just hang them up instead of reaching in for a hanger- which doesn’t always happen.
2. Next, each family member has a row of the shoe holder for their shoes. Once a week excess shoes that don’t fit into the cubby will be taken to closets.
3. Third, extra things stuff which we keep in this closet was hung up on hangers like dance bags, umbrellas, and what not so that nothing is on the floor. Their backpacks will go in here on the floor which I am fine with but other than that, this is a clean and easily maintainable space.

Woohoo! On to the next space! I will let you know how it holds up in a couple of months and if I have to tweek it.

dsc_7290 dsc_7293  dsc_7297


Organizing the kitchen





dsc_6929 dsc_6932 dsc_7045 dsc_7046

This was much easier to do then I had thought. It really didn’t take that long and makes such a difference to see such beautiful order when I open my cupboards.  Plus, by doing all these organizing projects I really think it helps teach my kids understand where things go and that there is a order to things. All things have a place and individual significance. If they aren’t of use to us then we gladly send them on to be donated or thrown away. Beauty and cleanliness come on in to stay!

P.S. These organizers were so cheap $1 for two or three depending on the package. My label maker has made a world of difference, too. I thought I would just remember when I disignate a place to put things but in the rush of trying to put things away, the honest answer is I don’t always remember. Now everything has a specific spot so there is no excuse.  I love it and totally recommend it.  Just start small and try to do 1-2 drawers/cupboards or even just 1. Get a label maker!!! Writing your own labels is not the same as the clean crisp print label that prints off with a sticker backing and is in your hands in seconds. Love it!

Here is what I use. It is great! $20 very well spent.