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Update on Checks

Hopefully once school starts we can get back in the swing of things. For now this is what has become of the checklists.

My Toddler: “Lookee Here Mommy, I am like you working on my checklist! ”

Me: “…. Ahhh….sweetie! Nooooo…. ”

Luckily it was a dry erase marker and these tend to clean up with a little scrubbing. Whewwww. Haha. The checks will happen again soon. I just need school to start.

DSC_6192 DSC_6193 DSC_6196



Paint Upholstery!

Paint your furniture upholstery for a new look. No need to reupholster! Ha, ha yes you heard me right. Yes, this sounds crazy but oddly it works!


It is best if the material is taut and in good condition with no holes.
Leave several hours for it to dry.
Use at least two coats if not more.

Once it drys:

The fabric feels like it is a little stiffer fabric but you really can’t see it’s painted.
I didn’t believe it myself until I decided to just try it and see with my own eyes.
It looks great!
I used regular interior latex paint eggshell finish paint.
I did not by a special color but mixed my white paint with this black craft paint to turn it gray.
There is no need to buy new paint for the color. Make it yourself!

BEFORE:DSC_3043 DSC_3045

k2-_5bdee3cd-80d6-4574-a9f0-8cd197e9bb20.v1.jpg-48151b4320eb5b9a3540af436f15770c3596858e-optim-450x450 plussign DSC_3048

Add acrylic craft paint to tint the color. In this case: white + black = gray

I mixed mine in a plastic throw away cup and covered it with saran wrap so it wouldn’t dry out in between coats.  Seriously it is that easy.

AFTER!DSC_3068 DSC_3070 DSC_3085

In the Furnace

Life has gotten really intense lately which seems to be putting all these Mom skills I have been trying to share with this blog to the test. Yes, they are still very helpful even though I don’t have the same energy to do much at the moment. I am doing what I can even if it takes much much longer than it did earlier in the year. Progress is progress, right? Yes!!! Even if it is just tiny ant steps forward, it is progress and it counts!

While my husband is trying to get through his very important tests, I can’t help but keep looking for a home to keep the search rolling, as well as piano lessons, dance lessons, german, keeping the house somewhat together, making dinner?, getting the kids to school and back, laundry, and maybe exercising? It has not been easy.  Especially because while I am trying to make progress forward the kids are not always so helpful …

For example:

My three year old has been demonstrating some new and quite creative talents in the last 10 days:

DSC_2829 - CopyDSC_2830 - Copy  DSC_2834 - Copy  DSC_2839 DSC_2840 DSC_2843

Yes, it is funny I guess but it is a little disturbing if you are one that really tries hard at things like me… Hopefully this is JUST A PHASE and NOT the new reality! Some things that have been helping are:

-While laying down at night to go through at least 5-10 good things of the day

-This may seem like retro-productive if you have zero time but, SERVE OTHERS. I don’t think I can say it enough. It has helped me get outside of myself which can be a very good thing when so much in your world might be crazy.

-Spend time in the scriptures every day drawing closer to Heavenly Father. The physical world around us is only one aspect of life. We are spiritual beings before we were ever physical ones. Get strong spiritually. 🙂


Visiting Teacher Friends

These are some of my friends from my church. Each sister is assigned to visit with and teach another sister so that everyone sister is taken care of in my church. They are now no longer my visiting teachers but as fun parting I told them to come over and we’d do some makeovers! So I pulled out my makeup and hair supplies and dressed them up. 🙂 We had a lot of fun and laughs especially at my four year old daughter Emery who was full of comments and suggestions. 🙂

DSC_1754 DSC_1759

Kid Closet Change Over

Now that Spring Break is coming to a close, hopefully you have gotten out the spring/summer wardrobes and put away all that heavy winter stuff!!! It is time to bring out the color!

The last few days, I have been working on changing over the kids clothes, shoes, and accessories.  It has been a little bit of a hefty project but at the same time a very fun project.  Along with it, I’ve been shopping awesome liquidation winter clothing sales for the kids winter next year. Right now is the best time because stores are really pushing to get rid of anything winter.  Also, in putting away the winter I’ve needed to make sure their Summer wardrobes were equipped-which means just a tiny bit more shopping… I promise I have been thrifty though. Here is a fun idea I did in prepping their summer wardrobes was to make old pants into shorts! I additionally liked this because so many of the shorts for sale in stores are SUPER-DUPER short!  I want my kids learn modesty at an early age and why not start with longer shorts. Simple, Earth-savvy, and free!


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